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Why a this site?

This this a perfect place to learn more about Cyber Security

All the material that is written here is designed with the main porpuse of educating profesionals on how to perform technical tasks properly in the same website.

Quality can be better than quantity in this platform

Content creation is the main goal of this site, we are committed to provide first class content to anyone.

About the team

We are VK9 Security a project created in 2019 with the porpuse of sharing the knowledge I learn through time with other people. This is my jorney into the Cyber Security field.

Bryan Alfaro

Bryan Alfaro

CEO & Founder

Cyber Security engineer specialist in defensive, as well as, offensive techniques.

"I believe knowledge should be available and free to anyone"

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What We Offer For Growth

We offer content for anyone to be informed about the cyber space from basic to advanced techniques. All knowledge learned here will help you persue a Cyber Security carreer or become a better profesional.

All techniques seen here are for educational porpuses, Vk9 Security nor myself is responsible for the use of the material.

Offenseive techniques

Information Gathering

Vulnerability analysis and scanning

Exploitation & Post-Exploitation techniques


Reporting, etc

Defensive Techniques

Incident Response

Threat hunting

Device configuration & management

Mostly Windows & Linux


Learn about programming

Environment set up

Labs set up

Some other crazy stuff

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