Anonsurf uses TOR iptables to anonymize the whole system. Anonsurf gives users the capability of starting or stopping the I2P project.


1. Download the file from github

  • git clone

2. Run installer located in the download folder kali-anonsurf

  • sudo bash

3. Run the application after successful installation

  • anonsurf

How to use

1. Start the program

  • sudo anonsurf start

2. Check your IP

  • anonsurf myip

Check your IP on a browser

3. Change your IP

  • sudo anonsurf change
  • anonsurf myip

4. Check the service status

  • anonsurf status

5. Restart the service (assigns a new IP)

  • sudo anonsurf restart

6. Stop the service

  • sudo anonsurf stop
  • anonsurf status

i2p services

I2P is an anonymous network built on top of the internet. It allows users to create and access content and build online communities on a network that is both distributed and dynamic. It is intended to protect communication and resist monitoring by third parties such as ISPs.

1. Run

  • anonsurf starti2p

2. Router console will pop-up

Configuration of this is out of scope of this post.

3. Stop the service

  • sudo anonsurf stopi2p