This publication is intended to guide you through to create a custom wordlist using hashcat.

1. First create or have already a word list. (I created a 4 words list)

  • cat mylist.txt

2. if you want to add dates next to the work you cant create a wordlist

  • for i in $(cat mylist.txt); do echo $i; echo ${i}2020; echo ${i}2021; done >> mylist2.txt
  • cat mylist2.txt

3. Now we will apply hashcat rules to this word list, the rules are located at /usr/share/hashcat/rules

  • ls /usr/share/hashcat/rules

4. I’d use best64 rule

  • hashcat --force --stdout mylist2.txt -r /usr/share/hashcat/rules/best64.rule > mylist3.txt
  • wc -l mylist3.txt

Note: Now we got a 924 lines

5. Read the file & inspect it

  • cat mylist3.txt