fcrackzip is a third-party tool for cracking zip files passwords. It tries to brute force using a list of passwords.


  • sudo apt install fcrackzip

Before using fcrackzip we need a password protected zip file.

  • zip --password <password><filename.zip> <data>
  • zip --password vk9security new_file.zip data.txt

How to use

1. Show help

  • fcrackzip -h

  • -b: for using brute force algorithms.
  • -D: for using a dictionary.
  • -B: execute a small benchmark.
  • -c: use characters from charset.
  • -h: show the help message.
  • --version: show the version of this program.
  • -V: validate or check the algorithm.
  • -v: for verbose mode.
  • -p: for using a string as a password.
  • -l: for providing a specific length to password.
  • -u: for weed out wrong passwords.
  • -m: to specify the method number.

2. Define charsets to brute force

  • fcrackzip -b -c ‘Aa1’ new_file.zip
  • fcrackzip -b -c ‘Aa1’ -u new_file.zip

3. Using numeric password, verbose, and length -l <min><max>

  • fcrackzip -b -c ‘1’ -v-l 1-9 new_file.zip

4. Providing an initial password

  • fcrackzip -b -v -c 'a' -p vk9security new_file.zip

5. always use -u to point out the match

  • fcrackzip -b -v -c 'a' -p vk9security -u new_file.zip

6. Using a dictionary list file

  • fcrackzip -D -p ./pass.txt -u new_file.zip