Plainview Activity Monitor plugin for WordPress could allow a remote authenticated attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the system. By sending a specially-crafted request, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability using shell metacharacters in the ip parameter to inject and execute arbitrary OS commands on the system.

The Plainview Activity Monitor plugin before 2018/08/26 for WordPress is vulnerable to OS command injection via shell metacharacters in the ip parameter of a wp-admin/admin.php?page=plainview_activity_monitor&tab=activity_tools request.

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1. This is an authenticated exploit, so, we need to have WordPress username & password. I brute forced, and got my way into.

  • http://wordy/wp-login.php
  • mark / helpdesk01

2. Within the menu go to

  • Activity monitor - tools
  • /wp-admin/admin.php?page=plainview_activity_monitor&tab=activity_tools

3. Now fill the IP box and click on Lookup, capture this request using a web proxy. I’ll be using BurpSuite

4. Now we need to inject a Linux command within that “ip” parameter, we can use “|;&” since, these metacharacters have a meaning to the OS

5. Before we forward the crafted request, start a listener on the offensive machine

  • nc -lvp 9999

6. After forwarding the request, we immediately get a reverse connection in our machine from the remote WordPress server

  • whoami


Upgrade to the latest version of Plainview Activity Monitor plugin (20180826 or later), available from the WordPress Plugins Directory.