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service – Privilege Escalation

Sudo (NOPASSWD) service - Privilege Escalation If you ever get to run “service” command with root privileges, you can escape from restricted shell to root. In this example /etc/sudoers has allowed an user to run this program as root without password need. How to 1....

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apt-get – Privilege escalation

apt-get - Privilege escalation apt-get can be used to escalate privileges when sudo is allowed without password. How to 1. check the permissions this user has sudo -l We can see that /usr/bin/apt-get is allowed (NOPASSWD) 2. get into changelog documentation sudo...

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Nmap – privilege escalation

Nmap is a scanner for network and OS services detection. However, if misconfigured to be used with “sudo” or “administrator” privileges can lead to a privilege escalation. Exploit 1 1. Check what sudo permission the current user has, desired “NOPASSWD” sudo -l 2....

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